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Tagit is the leading RFID integrator and innovator in the Middle East. Our expert business analysts gather customer requirements in order to offer industry specific RFID solutions.

Thus focusing on developing easy to use applications based on RFID , that minimizes tedious tasks involved in the daily operations of a business.

• Asset Tracking
The most common use of RFID is asset tracking. Companies can put RFID tags on assets that are lost or stolen often, that are underutilized or that are just hard to locate at the time they are needed.

• Manufacturing
RFID has been used in manufacturing plants for more than a decade.

• Supply Chain Management
RFID technology has been used in closed loop supply chain or to automate parts of the supply chain with a company’s control for years.

• Retailing
Retailers such as Best Buy, Metro, Target, Tesco and Wal-Mart are in the forefront of RFID adoption.

 Payments Systems
RFID is all the rage in the supply chain world, but the technology is also catching as a convenient payment mechanism. One of the most popular uses of RFID today is to pay road tolls without stopping.

• Security and Access Control
RFID has long been used as an electronic key to control who has access to office building or areas within office buildings.